On everyone’s mind and tongue: fake news

On everyone's mind: fake news
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Keywords are essential in the online industry, especially when it comes to searching. And one of those keywords that have recently been and still are on everyone’s mind and tongue are fake news. There’s now even a TV show called The Fake News Show” where celebrities are invited to debunk fake stories that get viral.

The use of strategic fake news is so high that in some parts of the world, it actually tried changing elections. And like any other content type, one of the spreading channels is through social media, in particular Facebook which has taken action in detecting and preventing this type of content. Google on its end has released a news fact checker tool also.

On everyone's mind and tongue: fake news
Google Fact Checker tool

When you think about it, it makes sense for the Internet to confront itself with this situation because it has reached to a point where nowadays, everyone’s a creator online.

On everyone's mind and tongue: fake news
Fake news social media exposure in the U.S. 2016

The Internet is full of media tools (blogging, vlogging, social media) which means anyone can have an opinion upon a subject a lot more easier than 15-20 years ago, let’s say. Today, you don’t have to be a media company or a trustworthy organization in order to influence a user and have it share/spread your content.

And since everyone can participate in a conversation, we shouldn’t be surprised we live in a time where fake news are being treated as facts instead of false information.

Fake news were always out there in fact, especially online. It’s just that in the past, content wasn’t spreading as much it currently does – but the user, the consumer always had the option of carefully choosing what to read, view, consume.

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